Tips for Writers – Story Structure

Hello to all! Since it’s been a while since my last Tips for Writers post, I figured I would start my first post of the week with one of these. And today, we’ll be going over something very important ; story structure! Story structure is exactly what it sounds like, the structure of a story. […]

Tips for Writers – Creating a Protagonist

Hello to all. Last time, we looked at creating the characters that bring our story to life. Over the next few post, we’ll take a look at more specific character types, starting with everyone’s favorite : the protagonist! The protagonist is the hero of your story, and the one your readers will be rooting for. […]

Tips for Writers – Creating Characters

Hello to all, Last time, we looked at planning the story you’re writing, plotting out all of the major points. Now, we’ll take a look at the beings who populate your story, and bring it to life on the pages: the characters. Characters are arguably the most important part of a story, even more than […]

Tips for Writers – Planning a Story

Hello to all, Last time, we talked about inspiration, the basic building block for all great stories. Now, we’ll look at planning a story from the basic inspiration point. All stories begin with the same things; an introduction to the characters and the setting, followed by the main conflict or driving force. Before you start […]

Tips for Writers – Inspiration

Hello everyone. This article is for anyone who wants to start a path in writing. Whether it be fiction, or nonfiction, writing is still writing. And all writing starts with the same basic building block… Inspiration! Everything that has been been written has been inspired by something that has happened, or that someone has imagined. […]