Samuel – Chapter Three

What human would subject themselves to something so obviously manipulative? Relationships for nothing more than money and sex? It makes me sick just thinking about it! As I get over my disgust over Jesse’s explanation of “sugar daddies,” I look out the car window to see a large apartment building, its dark blue walls towering […]

House of Khepru – Chapter Seven

There are so many questions in my head right now! Angela stabbed me with a glowing knife. I was almost attacked by some kind of monster before some angel-looking thing saved me. This Natalie girl almost killed me herself, and can turn into some kind of beast. That other girl, Audri, can teleport. Angela can […]

Samuel – Chapter Two

Jesebel holds me against her as she pulls me out of the station, a big grin on her face as her eyes look me up and down. She pulls me into an empty parking lot, and hugs me even tighter. What is she doing here? Why would she help me get out of… oh, screw […]

Anime America needs YOUR Help!

Hello to all! For those of you who don’t know, “Anime America” is a YouTube channel featuring Top 10’s, reviews, and topic discussions about the wonderful world of anime. I, myself, am I huge fan of this channel, but there is a big problem! The Wall Street Journal has issued a major attack on not […]

Samuel – Chapter One

My eyes shoot open as a dream of my old home startles me awake. Just the memory of the fire and brimstone is enough to make me angry. The bars of the holding cell are the only things separating me from the groups of law enforcement officers rushing from place to place, doing whatever they […]