Tips for Writers – Story Structure

Hello to all!

Since it’s been a while since my last Tips for Writers post, I figured I would start my first post of the week with one of these. And today, we’ll be going over something very important ; story structure!

Story structure is exactly what it sounds like, the structure of a story. But what makes up that structure, and how does it go?

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is a prime example of the Hero’s Journey at work

A common structure used in almost all stories is the Hero’s Journey, which I have actually done a two-part post on. Check that out for a clearer definition of that structure.

However, the structure of a story mostly relies on the author. I’ve said that almost all parts of the writing process depend on the writer, and it is no different here.

Another way of looking a structure is with the four stages of a story:

Introduction-Introducing the characters and setting

Development-The main conflict shows for the first time

Twist-Something unexpected happens, throwing the characters and readers for a loop

Resolution-Everything comes together in a satisfying conclusion

This structure can also change based on the writer. Some may put multiple twists to keep readers guessing. Others may put the resolution first as a sort of preview. It all depends on the writer.

As long as you stick to this basic structure, you should come up with a coherent story.

Just do what you want, and write what only you can tell.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAf5AAAAJDgyMmMwNGRiLTMyYjItNGQyYi05MDNjLTlkZGY5MjU3MzhmOQThank you for reading! Be sure to check out my other posts for writing tips, anime topics, and much more. Follow the blog to stay up to date with my posts!

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And as always…

Stay Awesome!


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