Samuel – Chapter Two

Jesebel holds me against her as she pulls me out of the station, a big grin on her face as her eyes look me up and down.

She pulls me into an empty parking lot, and hugs me even tighter. What is she doing here? Why would she help me get out of… oh, screw it, I can’t keep playing dumb. I know perfectly well why she’s here.

“I didn’t think your obsession with me would actually help me out one day.” I say.

She giggles and releases me, looking at me expectantly with her glowing green eyes.

“You know I couldn’t leave you in there Sammy!” she says, moving to try and hug me again. Luckily, I manage to side step out of the way before she can grab hold of me again.

“Aren’t you worried about getting in trouble with my father?” I say, crossing my arms. Just mentioning that bastard is almost enough to drive mad right now.

Jesebel throws her arms around me, nuzzling her face against my pale cheek.

“Don’t worry. Lucifer usually lets me do what I want. I am one of his most powerful comrades, after all!”

Nobody would ever guess this woman is several thousand years old, or that she was a demon, given how youthful she acts. From the past sixteen years I’ve spent down in hell, you’d think I would expect her to do something like this.

“Why are you here, Jesebel?” I ask, already expecting an answer along the lines of “do be with you, my dear Sammy”

She waves her finger in front of my face.

“No, no, no!” she says, getting even closer to my face. “While I’m here, you’ll call me Jesse.”

I groan, dropping my eyes to look at the pavement. I should have known she would say something like that.

“Okay, Jesse,” I say with another groan, bringing my head back up, “why are you here?”

She presses herself against my chest. If it wasn’t for my demon half, I would be falling head over heels for her right now. I guess there are times where it comes in handy.

“I heard about what happened with you and your father.” she says.

I immediately jump back, pushing her off of me.

“If you’re here to take me back, don’t even think about it!” I yell. I may not be used to Earth, but I would rather die here than go back to the tyrant that is my father!

Jesse just laughs and pulls me back into another tight hug, shoving my face in between her cleavage. I instantly feel my blood rush to my face. Sure, I may me immune to her temptation, but what guy wouldn’t get a little flustered in this position?

“Don’t you worry.” she says, pulling my face up to look at her. “I’m here to help my favorite little boy!”

I step back and slouch my shoulders.

“Look,” I say, gently placing my hand to my forehead. “You may be a few thousand years older than me, but don’t treat me like a little kid.”

Jesse comes closer, and wraps her slender arms around my neck.

“Oh, I’m well aware that you’re a man now.” she says, eying me up and down like a piece of meat, or a new target to seduce.

I step back out of her grip, cringing at her words. There’s no doubt that I’d just be another notch on her belt, not really something I want for myself.

“How can you possibly help me is this situation?” I ask.

Jesse smirks as she takes my hand and leads me to a single car in the parking lot. From what I know about humanity and their achievements, this must be a very expensive car. It’s sleek, bright red paint job shimmers in the sunlight as its two front doors open up from the top.

“You like?” Jesse says as she steps over to the driver’s side.

“Do I want to know how you got this?” I say, raising an eyebrow at her.

She steps inside the car, and pulls me into the passenger side. The doors immediately close, and she starts to drive out of the parking lot onto the road..

“Where are you taking me?”I ask, looking around for any signs that I should get out of the car. If there’s anything I know about Jesebel, it’s that she always has another reason for anything she does… and in my case, I think I know what that other reason is.

“Don’t worry, Sammy.” she says as she starts quickly weaving through traffic, car horns blasting the whole time. “You’ll see.”

“As for how I got this car, some human women have these servants called ‘sugar daddies…’”

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