Anime America needs YOUR Help!

Hello to all!

cropped-youtube-coverartFor those of you who don’t know, “Anime America” is a YouTube channel featuring Top 10’s, reviews, and topic discussions about the wonderful world of anime.

I, myself, am I huge fan of this channel, but there is a big problem!

The Wall Street Journal has issued a major attack on not just them, but on YouTube Content Creators as a whole. By approaching advertsing firms, and stating their ads have been used in “unsavory” videos, Anime America, and a lot of other channels are losing a lot of views and revenue.

They have posted their own video addressing the subject, which I have linked here.

As someone also trying to make a living in entertainment, in my case, writing and fiction, I personally feel for their struggle against mainstream media.

I’m hoping that by posting this, a few of you will check out their channel and help them out through this dark time.

Thank you for reading, and as always…

Stay Awesome!



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