Issei Hyoudou – Character Development at its finest!




Hello to all!

As I said in my other article on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, character development is something that is absolutely essential to storytelling and plot.

However, Joeseph Joestar is not the only character I feel shows great development. While there are countless others, one of my personal favorites may surprise a few of you.

That character… is Issei Hyoudou from HighSchool DxD!


Anyone who has seen HighSchool DxD should know what I’m talking about here, but for those of you who haven’t allow me to explain.

This series is known for practically swimming in fanservice, while actually having a decent plot and story at the same time. If you ask me, Issei is the perfect main character for this kind of series.

I’ll be perfectly honest, at the beginning, I straight up hated Issei!

I thought he was nothing more than a dirty pervert with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Honestly, with his constant talk of boobs and all that, you couldn’t really think anything otherwise.

However, after being revived as a devil by Rias Gremory, and getting to know and fight alongside her and the members of her household, he has grown to truly care for those he has come to know as his family.

There is even a moment later on in the third season, HighSchool DxD BORN, where Issei straight up denies an advance from Akeno, one of Rias other servants and lifelong friend, recognizing that she isn’t in the right state of mind for it.

issei_hyoudouThat, to me, shows just how much he developed as a character. Over three seasons, he went from a simple pervert to someone who truly cares for his friends and fights to protect those he cares about.

Admittedly, even after all this time, he is still a pervert, but with all the situations he ends up in with the gaggle of girls around him at all times, you can’t really blame him. 5205469-8114273265-25722

What do you think of Issei? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, Stay Awesome!

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