Old vs New Battle Shonen: How this demographic/genre has/hasn’t changed

Mechanical Anime Reviews

If you are alive, which I hope is all of you reading this, then you know that things change over time.  You were once a baby that didn’t have an understanding of the world and if you are reading this, you’ve grown up with a mind of your own and understand that life isn’t as simple as we once thought it was.  Turns out that time affects everything.  A car that used to be shiny and new is not going to be the same after five years, that favorite shirt will eventually be thrown out, a logo and selling statement of a company will change over time, and a genre of an anime series will change over time as well.  I know that was a terrible segue, but it’s true.  The founding elements and tropes of a genre will always remain the same, but the context and visual aspects will…

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