Update – Volume Four Delay and Weekly Q&A

Hello to all!

I’m terribly sorry for having to do this, but Volume Four of House of Khepru will have to wait until the end of September. I’ve been really busy getting ready for my next semester of classes at college, so I haven’t had any real time to write. Don’t worry though, Volume Four will be out by the end of next month.

Also, I had an idea for a way to keep in touch with you guys, my awesome readers. Starting right now, I will be doing a bi-monthly Q&A where you can ask me anything you want! Questions about writing, making characters, daily life, whatever you want, feel free to ask.

To submit your question, click on the Ask Calvin link at the top of the page. I will answer what I can on September 3. The Q&A will then take place every two weeks afterwards.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you  look forward to Volume Four!

Hok-InductionHouse of Khepru ~ Induction is available for free on Smashwords and other retailers!

Check it out!

Feel free to make a pledge on Patreon if you want to help support the story, and any others that come out.


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