How Anime Has Influenced Western Media – A Guest Post by Stephanie Clarke of AnimeGirlsNYC

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Anyway, I know I’ve said that anime is good inspiration for writing, among other things, but some of you may not be aware of how much anime has already influenced media here in the West.

To elaborate, I’ve enlisted the help of Stephanie Clarke, who many of you may know as AnimeGirlsNYC!

How Anime Has Influenced Western Media – Stephanie Clarke (AnimeGirlsNYC)

 Anime has been popular since the early 20th century. It hit its big boom in the 80’s due to shows/movies like Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, and Akira. Anime has been a major influence on media in the western world with their animation as well as their stories.

One of the first sights of Anime influencing the western world is the popularity of the Mecha Genre. Movies like Mobile Suit Gundam and Gurren Lagann influenced America to create the animation The Transformers. The robot genre was the new fad and everyone had to jump on board.

Dragon Ball, another popular series helped pave way for many countries to create animation with Martial Art themes. An Article in takes a look at shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, which took their story and created an American based anime for their viewers. They incorporated the Japanese martial arts style and religious belief. You also have a storyline that leaves you with cliffhangers like many anime series. Their drawing style of the characters have an anime quality with the big eyes and exaggerated facial reactions.
When The Lion King, a Disney film, was released, many media journalists claimed the movie was a copy of Kimba the White Lion, a Japanese animation. There were many similarities between the main character Simba and Kimba.
The creators of The Matrix said their major influence was Ghost in the Shell. Their artistic style and as well as the story of man against machine played a major role in many of the scenes, and the dialogue is very similar to Ghost in the Shell.
RWBY, which is an American based show, took the writing style and the artistic style of Japanese animation and created an American anime. This is the first American anime that was marketed in Japan. They dubbed it in Japanese too.
There are so many more shows and movies we can say were influenced by anime such as Teen Titans, The Batman, Pacific Rim and many more. One thing we do know for sure is that anime is not going to die out anytime soon and there will be more shows and movies that will have a similar theme/ feel to many of the popular anime you love to watch.

Thanks to Stephanie for doing this guest post for me. Check out her blog at!

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