My Purpose for Writing

Hello to all!

Something that I learned a long time ago when I started writing was that all creative people have a purpose for doing what they do. Some may just want to make money, some may want to become famous, and some may be content in just creating.

Every artist and creator is different, and I’m no exception. My purpose for writing is two-fold ; I want to inspire people with the stories I write, and I want to bring anime and anime-style stories to more people.

I’ve always felt that a lot of people give up on their dreams very easily, sometimes without giving any real effort. I was one of those people for most of my life, so I know what it can feel like.

There are also people who give up in the face of failure. Failure is part of life, and happens to everyone. Failure should never be considered a step backwards.

These are lessons that I learned from the stories I’ve seen in anime and manga. If these stories can inspire me, I know they can inspire other people as well. So, I write in this style, and create characters and worlds so that my readers can learn from their tales and struggles.

That is why I write ; to inspire people to never give up on themselves, and to go for their dreams.

If you’re a writer, why do you write? To make money? To inspire others? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Stay awesome!

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5 thoughts on “My Purpose for Writing

  1. You got it! You do inspire!
    I write to reconnect people to their spirit. I write with fullest of my passion and truest of my love with no hope to earn. Just to touch serene hearts! To enlighten lives!

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    1. You and I are of like mind. Always work for the passion of your craft!
      Feel free to check out my work, and share anything you’ve written with me. I’m always looking for more tings to read.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! While reading your post, I felt the same thing- we a of like minds! Will surely check out your work, Cal! Do not hesitate to check out mine and share your thoughts!

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