3 Advantages to Writing Digital Volumes instead of Full Novels

Hello to all,

I like to think that one thing that makes me unique as an author is the fact that I release monthly volumes instead of full books. I’m sure I’m not the only author that does this, but it may seem weird to people who aren’t familiar with such a style of writing.

Personally, I find that writing and releasing volumes on a regular basis actually works out better than releasing full books in the long run. As for reasons why…

1 . More Content in a Shorter Time Span

By releasing monthly volumes, I don’t have to worry about readers getting bored with the wait between books. I’m able to release more content in a relatively short time, which adds more work to my search engine results, making it easier to find. The more titles I have out, the more likely it is to be found by my readers.

2. Flexible Plot Structure

What I find great about writing volumes is the ability to change things in the plot of the story. Since each volume is released the month after the next, I have freedom to write things in the next volume to tie up any loose ends in the previous one.

I can’t think of any other style of writing that would allow the author such freedom.

3. Caters to a Changing World of Readers

People today are not only using technology more, but are becoming busier by the second. A lot of us simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a full book.

Releasing regular installments remedies this. You can finish them in a short amount of time, mainly 45 minute to an hour, and move on with your day. With people constantly getting busier, I can only expect the trend to become more popular among authors.

What do you think about releasing a new installment every month? Do you prefer it over full-length books?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to know your thoughts!

And as always, stay awesome!

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