Tips for Writers – Creating Characters

Hello to all,

Last time, we looked at planning the story you’re writing, plotting out all of the major points. Now, we’ll take a look at the beings who populate your story, and bring it to life on the pages: the characters.


Characters are arguably the most important part of a story, even more than the plot. You could have the best plot ever written, but if your readers don’t like the characters taking part in that plot, they won’t enjoy reading your story.

The key to making great characters is making believable characters. You have to consider everything about them; their hopes, dreams, goals, fears, everything that makes them who they are. This will make them seem more realistic to the reader. Try to make your characters seem like real, living people. Get to the point to where you can describe them as easily as you could describe your best friend.

Some other things to consider, don’t make your character perfect. All of them need to have flaws, whether they’re important to the plot or not. Imperfections make a character more believable.

All characters need to have a goal, especially your main character. This goal is going to drive your protagonist, and thus the story forward.

All in all, as said before, do whatever you believe works for you. All writers are different, and all have different ways of doing things that work for them. Stick with what works for you.

Tune in next time, where we look into creating the different types of characters in you story, heroes and villains.

Until then, stay awesome!


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