Tips for Writers – Planning a Story

Hello to all,

Last time, we talked about inspiration, the basic building block for all great stories. Now, we’ll look at planning a story from the basic inspiration point.


All stories begin with the same things; an introduction to the characters and the setting, followed by the main conflict or driving force. Before you start writing, you should have a basic idea of who your characters are, and where you’re story takes place.

For example, if your story has characters in a Wild West setting, you should be able to describe them as if they are actual living people. Once you can do that, writing the actual story will become a lot easier.

However, the characters and setting are only part of the story. The biggest part is sometimes the hardest to plan : the plot.

The plot is the actual storyline of whatever you’re writing. It is the time line of events that drive the characters forward towards the ending.

Different authors take different approaches on planning the plot of their work. Some authors like to carefully plan out every event in the story ahead of time, so they know exactly what they’re going to write before they even start. Others like to keep a rough idea of the story’s direction, and start writing with that in mind, essentially writing as they come up with the plot.

While the latter method appeals to a lot of writers, myself included, it is far from the easiest method. In order to write in this manner, one must have a deep understanding of their characters, their setting, and have a good idea of the story’s general direction. If the author lacks any of these, it could lead to character inconsistencies,  issues with character or plot development, or even plot holes. All of these are an absolute nightmare to edit.

All authors work differently, so how you plan your story is up to you. Do whatever you feel would work best for what you’re writing.

Next time, we’ll discuss characters, the people and beings who bring your work to life on the page.

Until then, stay awesome.



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