Tips for Writers – Inspiration

Hello everyone.

This article is for anyone who wants to start a path in writing. Whether it be fiction, or nonfiction, writing is still writing. And all writing starts with the same basic building block…


Everything that has been been written has been inspired by something that has happened, or that someone has imagined. All of the best stories have been inspired by what has come before them. If you want to write something great, you need great inspiration.

Where can you find inspiration? All around you. The things that happen in your life, the people you see everyday, the events happening in the world. Even other stories you have read or seen can be great inspiration for your own work.

(NOTE: Do NOT steal ideas from other creators! This is plagiarism, and is illegal.)

Something that I find helpful is to keep a notebook with you at all times, and simply write down any ideas that come to you throughout the day, good or bad. Yes, save any ideas you think aren’t good, because they might become something better later on.

Try to see things in a different way than other people. A lot of the best stories came about from a single person seeing things in a different light.

Come back next time, where we’ll learn about planning a story out in preparation for writing it.

Thanks for reading. Comment and Share with your friends. Stay Awesome!



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